New FREE Antivirus Recommendation

I am a long time  AVG user!  I recently found out about and tried Microsoft’s Security Essentials.  Wow what a nice program!  Of course it is hard to speak ill of Microsoft’s programs.  They really are nice on the whole.  I’ve been running Microsoft’s Security Essentials for several months now, and I am now recommending you try this program over the Grisoft software.

There is no one product that will keep your PC safe, so remember that MalwareBytes, HijackThis and Trend Micro’s Housecall are all still tools you should use in conjunction with any anti-virus, anti-malware solution that you are using.

As always do you own research into security for your system, and be sure and backup your data regularly!

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Do you Drop Box?

Make sure there isn’t any thing breakable before you do!

I recently found out that DropBox, an online file storage and sharing site, has changed it’s policy…

According to GSN Magazine;

Complying with government searches approved by a court is less controversial for online services than those that have been performed without such approval. Such a case is currently being litigated in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, VA. In it, the U.S. Justice Department, probing the unauthorized release of sensitive government documents to the putative whistle blowing website WikiLeaks, obtained personal information about three Twitter users without judicial approval.

So if you were using the “FREE” or paid versions of this service to keep your critical files online, or available to multiple Internet devices including your smart phone and you were concerned that your data would stay safe from Government’s prying eyes, you’ll no longer have that piece of mind.

There is a simple solution however.  Just download and install TrueCrypt!   TrueCrypt is free and available for Windows, MAC, and Linux!  Now just encrypt your files and then copy (or drop) them to DropBox!

DropBox is a great service and an easy way to share files between your various computers, including your smart phone!  Just drag and drop!  Use this link to sign up for a FREE account (Up to 2GB of storage!)  Click Here

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Upgrade your Adobe Software Now!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post!  I recently found out that the nasty people out there that like to hack your Windows based system are doing attacks via Adobe products.  Shockwave, Flash, and Reader (PDF).  The attacks in Shockwave and Flash can come via the ads that are displayed on your screen when you visit websites.  The ads do not actually “live” on those websites.  The website directs you to where they are located and through the magic of “Al Gores” Internet it displays on your screen making it look like it’s all coming from the same source, a trusted website.

On one of my Windows XP Pro systems, any video being played had an image refresh rate of about 1 frame ever 3 seconds!  Normal is 15 to 30 frames per second.  After updating Flash, Shockwave, and a reboot the videos (youtube, etc…) went back to normal and able to be watched and enjoyed!

So if you have been ignoring those Adobe update reminders on your taskbar, stop it.  Adobe releases patches to their security vulnerabilities a couple of weeks ago.  I have noticed some slow downs that I believe is due to the on going Adobe attacks, but at least now I’m not seeing the memory violations that these Adobe hacks are trying to create and exploit.

You don’t have to wait for a reminder to upgrade, just go to and update.

I’m always interested in reading your comments.  Please feel free to post them here!

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