Spammed Strikes Back!

As you may know by now, it’s not a good idea to click on links in SPAMMED email.  It can infect your computer and confirm that the spammer has stumbled on (or purchased) a good email address.

Best to stay as low profile as possible.  However there are times when you can strike back!

I received this email a few days ago.


The first thing that looked strange was NO “To:” email address.  This can be done to hide that this email was sent to many people, not just you.  This is sales, so the more people you try to sell to the better the chance of your success, right?  No sales doesn’t me legitimate just means they are trying to sell you something, like an idea that talks you into sending them money.

Now this plan isn’t much good if you can’t communicate with the mark.  Second strange thing is why would they have a different email address from the one they sent you?  Well chances are good that the spammer is using a computer system to send this spam without the permission of the owner.  So they place a email address in the body of the message that you should use.  More than likely it will be from a free email service like, in this case,!

Every domain on the Internet should have an “abuse@{domain-name}.{extention}”  Knowing this you can REPORT this spammer to them and free email service will probably terminate the free service.

You’re correct if you think this happens to spammers all the time and they just open another 20 free email accounts.  I look at it this way.  The more people are aware of how to report these spammers the more work they will have to do and eventually that job at McDonalds will look better and better.  Perhaps they’ll just do spamming part time! :D

Here is the reply I received after forwarding the above email to


You don’t always receive a reply, which makes this one a great example to use.  Now remember it’s not ALWAYS, it will be abuse@{whatever domain was used}.{something}

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Wrong transaction from your credit card in…

Well guys sorry for the long delay in posts.  Ever since we updated the Adobe programs, Flash, Shockwave, Air, etc… many of our slow downs and quirky MS Windows behavior have gone away.  I still want to reload Windows on my PC but I may just wait and load MS Windows 7 Pro on a SSD, but more on that later.

We receive a lot of spam each day.  Much of it is marked as such in the subject by our e-mail servers, so it really takes the edge off of “is this legit” question you ask yourself in the first few seconds of reading the subject.

I thought this most recent SPAM e-mail I received was worth pointing out to you.

“Wrong transaction from your credit card in Universal Royal Pacific Resort a Loews”

Spam Credit Card

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E-mail Attachments

This rule is pretty easy to remember.  Never NEVER open an attachment in an e-mail message that is from someone you do not know.

If you receive an e-mail from someone you do know with an attachment, be very careful.  Their computer may have been compromised and it is being used to cause you to trust the attachment and open it.  If you have any questions about the validity of the e-mail, or the attachment, ask the person that sent it.  Ask them IF they sent it.

I would recommend using another method of contacting them other than e-mail.  Twitter, Facebook, Text message on their phone, hell you might even want to pick up that communications device we “TALK” on and ask them that way.

The good thing about me getting SPAM in my e-mails, is I get to share it with you and show you what to watch out for.

I received this e-mail from the U.S. Postal service!  Oh no they couldn’t deliver my package!  I wasn’t expecting anything, oooh but what could it be.  Well maybe I can get some more information if I just open that ATTACHMENT.   STOP!!!!!!

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Upgrade your Adobe Software Now!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post!  I recently found out that the nasty people out there that like to hack your Windows based system are doing attacks via Adobe products.  Shockwave, Flash, and Reader (PDF).  The attacks in Shockwave and Flash can come via the ads that are displayed on your screen when you visit websites.  The ads do not actually “live” on those websites.  The website directs you to where they are located and through the magic of “Al Gores” Internet it displays on your screen making it look like it’s all coming from the same source, a trusted website.

On one of my Windows XP Pro systems, any video being played had an image refresh rate of about 1 frame ever 3 seconds!  Normal is 15 to 30 frames per second.  After updating Flash, Shockwave, and a reboot the videos (youtube, etc…) went back to normal and able to be watched and enjoyed!

So if you have been ignoring those Adobe update reminders on your taskbar, stop it.  Adobe releases patches to their security vulnerabilities a couple of weeks ago.  I have noticed some slow downs that I believe is due to the on going Adobe attacks, but at least now I’m not seeing the memory violations that these Adobe hacks are trying to create and exploit.

You don’t have to wait for a reminder to upgrade, just go to and update.

I’m always interested in reading your comments.  Please feel free to post them here!

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