Do you Drop Box?

Make sure there isn’t any thing breakable before you do!

I recently found out that DropBox, an online file storage and sharing site, has changed it’s policy…

According to GSN Magazine;

Complying with government searches approved by a court is less controversial for online services than those that have been performed without such approval. Such a case is currently being litigated in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, VA. In it, the U.S. Justice Department, probing the unauthorized release of sensitive government documents to the putative whistle blowing website WikiLeaks, obtained personal information about three Twitter users without judicial approval.

So if you were using the “FREE” or paid versions of this service to keep your critical files online, or available to multiple Internet devices including your smart phone and you were concerned that your data would stay safe from Government’s prying eyes, you’ll no longer have that piece of mind.

There is a simple solution however.  Just download and install TrueCrypt!   TrueCrypt is free and available for Windows, MAC, and Linux!  Now just encrypt your files and then copy (or drop) them to DropBox!

DropBox is a great service and an easy way to share files between your various computers, including your smart phone!  Just drag and drop!  Use this link to sign up for a FREE account (Up to 2GB of storage!)  Click Here

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