E-mail Attachments

This rule is pretty easy to remember.  Never NEVER open an attachment in an e-mail message that is from someone you do not know.

If you receive an e-mail from someone you do know with an attachment, be very careful.  Their computer may have been compromised and it is being used to cause you to trust the attachment and open it.  If you have any questions about the validity of the e-mail, or the attachment, ask the person that sent it.  Ask them IF they sent it.

I would recommend using another method of contacting them other than e-mail.  Twitter, Facebook, Text message on their phone, hell you might even want to pick up that communications device we “TALK” on and ask them that way.

The good thing about me getting SPAM in my e-mails, is I get to share it with you and show you what to watch out for.

I received this e-mail from the U.S. Postal service!  Oh no they couldn’t deliver my package!  I wasn’t expecting anything, oooh but what could it be.  Well maybe I can get some more information if I just open that ATTACHMENT.   STOP!!!!!!

How does USPS have my e-mail address?

Why would the USPS be sending an e-mail from laredo.com?  They can’t afford $35 a year to register usps.com?

Why is the attachment “ZIPPED”.  The .zip extension says this is a one or more files compressed to save space.  Why would they need to send me something about my package that required them to compress the file(s)?

What I know is that .ZIP files can automatically execute programs that reside inside the ZIP image.  So all I have to do is OPEN this ZIP file and any program that is in this compressed file can be executed, infecting my computer.

If you are using MS Outlook you can dig a little deeper.  Other e-mail clients may have similar abilities.  If you scroll down you’ll see where this e-mail came from, the specific IP address and domain.  It came from cybercable.net.mx.  Why on God’s green Earth would a government agency be using cybercable.net to send out their CRITICAL “we can’t deliver your package” e-mails.  Bottom line is they wouldn’t!

This is plain and simple crap.  Even if the ZIP file doesn’t contain anything that will infect your computer, it still is crap and a complete waste of your time.  Just delete it.  Don’t reply, don’t complain, at least in a reply, just delete it.

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