Get help with your Windows or Linux Systems

I started with computers in 1978!  I’ve seen and done a lot.  The days of having to travel to the computer have been replaced with the Internet and some very nifty (yes I said nifty) free software.  I can connect to your computer, or network and help fix your problem.

I have worked in environments with thousands of users, responsible for the systems and network for 39 domestic locations.  Now there’s always going to be something I don’t know, but what I’ve done time and time again is figure it out and get the work flowing again.  The work must flow!

Of course you might not be “working” maybe you just want to get on Tumblr or get your Facebook fix.  You’d be surprised just how simple the solution can be.  If you’d like to understand what the problem and solution is I’ll be happy to explain it to you so you can fix it yourself next time.

My goal is to help you get back to where you want to be, computing, network, wise.

It doesn’t cost you anything to contact me and ask for help.  I may be able give you a couple of things to try.  You can ask your question right here on the site, or send me an email

I’m on Twitter @muccs, you can also find me on Facebook (


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