I’ll paint that computer for $39.95!

It seems that most people these days are either going for the quick fix or just buying a new computer!  I remember several years ago I had people coming to me to fix their slow or non-functional computers.  Not a hardware failure (most cases) but malware and viruses.

I think the record was over 200 infections on one computer!  I thought this might be an excellent way to make some extra cash so I started advertising.  Turned out people would rather trash their perfectly good computer, buy a new one, infect it by not buying and maintaining their anti-virus, amongst other things, and re-infect it.

Shortly after giving up on helping people clean their computers and fix it so re-infections were less likely (using free software) I started seeing advertisements for software that people could pay $39.95 for and it would “FIX” their computer.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that easy.  Actually I think I still see those commercials from time to time now.  Malware and viruses are being generated all the time.  Unless the software is updated often it’s not going to catch the bad programs and stop them.  You need a human to look, test and see what is going on to really free your computer.



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