Is Your Computer Infected?

Is your computer infected?  How would you know?  One way is strange behavior, blue screens of death (BSOD) slower than normal Internet.  Yes these can be other things other than malware or viruses, but checking is pretty easy.

But I have anti-virus/malware software!  Well chances are good you don’t.  Most computers come with

anti-virus anti-malware software but did you know it’s updates expire after 90 days?  Check it for yourself but a popular piece of software McAfee does exactly that.  Sure the software may be running but without the updated virus and malware signatures as time moves forward your anti-virus software will identify, block/remove less and less.

Before you fork over money for McAfee, something I call BLOAT ware, I recommend trying out MalWareBytes.  It’s free for personal use.  Run it manually and see what it turns up.

Although a little more tricky to use a 100% free piece of software called HiJackThis by TrendMicro is a great little program that shows you what is automatically running when Windows starts up.  You can choose the items you don’t want to run.  Be careful with this, as it takes a bit of a trained eye.

No one anti-virus/malware solution is 100% successful.  I recommend running more than one.  Not installing more than one program on your computer, but using online services, like TredMicro’s HouseCall  If you’re looking at this page you’ll notice it wants you to selected 32-bit or 64-bit.  You can find this out by simply clicking on Start > (right click) Computer > Properties

win764bitAs you can see this image is what you may see for Windows 7.  Each operating system will look a little different but they all should be able to tell you if you are running 32 or 64 bit operating systems.

Follow the on screen instructions to run the House call software.  Take the appropriate actions to remove any bad software it finds.

You don’t have to put up with poor computer performance!  Taking a few easy (it gets easier as you do it) steps can not only enhance your ability to have more fun, do more work, on your computer but you’ll quickly become the house hold expert on keeping the family’s PC’s running smooth!

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