PC Problems – Woe is me…



I just received a very nice e-mail asking me if I work on computers.  Well yes I do!  The e-mail explained that he has computer issues two to three times a year.  I use my computer(s) for months without issue.  Occasionally a hard drive will begin to show signs of wear and need to be replaced, but mainly my WinXP computer and LINUX servers stay fully operational for months.

I am still collecting information about the above mentioned individuals issues, but I thought a post with some basic computer things to do would be in order for my readers.

1. Get a UPS!  Uninteruptable Power Supply.  It’s a battery and a DC/AC converter.  It keeps your computer running when the electricity goes out.
You need this to protect the integrity of your computer’s data!  To help speed up your computer data is saved in memory and written to the disk at a later time.  If you lose power some of that data waiting to be written can be lost.  Power drop outs are not always just an off situation.  There would be a drop in voltage, or a spike in the voltage.  This can be especially true during a thunder storm.  If you think you can get by without a UPS, you’re wrong.

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