Viruses and Malware

Having problem with viruses and malware infections on your computer?  Enable your administrator account, create a new, complex password for it.  Now add the username to the “Users” group and remove it from the “Administrators” group.  This will stop 99% of the infections that happen via your web browser!

Remember that administrator password!  You’ll need to log on as administrator from time to time to install new software!

Now download and run MalWareBytes software.  Remember to update it first and do a FULL scan.

I’ve seen as many as 1,800 infections!

Need more detailed information, just ask.

Of course MUCCS can clean up your computer and set your user accounts to help protect your system.


Driving yourself crazy trying to find what I’m describing?  Well you may be using the HOME edition of Windows XP or Windows 7.  Try clicking Start > Control Panel > Users and make your changes there.  This is available under the Professional and up versions of Win 7, however I recommend the method I described above.



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